Meat Co. Feast

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I remember the days when crossing the causeway between Saudi and Bahrain took 45 minutes. If it took more than a hour it was surprising. Taking two hours was a once in a blue moon catastrophe, more a thing of legend than something anyone regularly experienced. Well, sad to say, those days are long gone. In the past few years the causeway never takes less than an hour, usually more like an hour and a half, and regularly 2+ hours. Bahrain is still far and away one of my favorite places on the planet, but getting there has become something of a chore.

But, when a restaurant like Bahrain’s tremendously popular and much loved The Meat Company invites you round for a foodie lunch, you don’t even think of saying no! If there is one thing worth braving the causeway for, it’s a meal like this…

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The Magic of Malja


For weeks we had been in a state of eager anticipation. There was something totally unique about to launch onto the Bahrain art and music scene and to say we were excited would be an understatement. The social media updates were tantalizing – a picture of art installations coming to life, thought-provoking interviews with the hard-at-work designers, and a countdown marking off the days until the big event – the grand opening of Malja.

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Farmer’s Market Fun


Every Saturday morning during the mild winter months, people come from all over the island (and all the way from Saudi!) to the lush oasis of Bahrain’s botanical garden on Budaiya highway. Cars line the streets all around, double and even triple-parked in true Bahrain fashion, and crowds follow the bright flags and cheery signs through the entrance and into the garden.

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