From Cellar to Lagoon


I started across the causeway late and checked into my hotel with just enough time to have a quick bite to eat and enjoy the always spectacular view from my room. I always request to stay in this same room because even on an overcast day I never get tired of the view.

Then it was time to hop in the car and head to Amwaj island…for the first time that weekend. The very lovely people at Art Rotana invited me to the opening of their new wine bar, Cellar 59. I was impressed from the start.

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A Sofitel Escape

Have I mentioned that my husband Cody is a rock star? By day he looks like your average (although dashingly handsome) office working company man, but by night he brings the rock and dazzles the masses with his brilliant bass riffs and swaggering rock-god machismo. Back in December he and his band 26 North had a big performance in Bahrain. They were playing at the National Day celebrations at the F1 Track. The whole band and its entourage (read: wives and friends) were planning to stay the weekend at the Sofitel since it is only 5 minutes from the track. So, feeling like a traitor to our usual home-away-from-home, the Ritz, we ventured across the causeway for a weekend at the Sofitel.

I’d never been there before (I fear change!) but when I saw this view I figured things might be alright after all.

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