Wonder Bahrain: Psychogeography in the Manama Souq


It isn’t just humid in the Manama souq this evening; the night is saturated with the damp exhalations of the sea and we don’t walk down the streets, we swim. I’m playing tour guide for my friends who are visiting Bahrain and we have come to the souq for an experiment in the ‘undisciplined discipline’ of psychogeography. In other words, we have come to drift.

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Behind the Scenes with Chef Wolfgang Puck


Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity chefs, like Wolfgang Puck, are actually like when they’re hard at work in the kitchen? Have you ever dreamed of asking them all of your perplexing kitchen questions and getting their input on your cooking quandaries? Well, I certainly have!

If you remember, last year I had a foodie dream experience when Chef Wolfgang Puck opened his restaurants at the Bahrain Four Seasons Hotel. I thought nothing could possibly top that…I was wrong! This time, I got to cook side by side with the culinary master himself, getting all of his cooking tips and tricks to pass on to you…

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Manama Souq Makeover + Feast!

manama souq11

One of my favorite places in Bahrain, the Manama Souq, has gotten a makeover! The ‘Little India’ project was launched to commemorate the 4,000 year relationship enjoyed between Bahrain and India. It has added festive bursts of color throughout the area, like little jewels that hide around every corner, while preserving the beautiful, eclectic chaos that the souq is known and loved for. We decided to visit to see what we could discover…

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