Bahrain Weekend Wanderings


This month I’ve hopped over to Bahrain a few times for writing projects, dinners with new friends, breakfasts with old friends, and a touch of birthday festivities. The setting was, as always, spectacular, even if there were a few challenges…

If you’ve lived in the Gulf you know that this time of year the heat can feel apocalyptic. The temperature hovers around 120F and the humidity is maxed out. Just stepping outside can be a test of endurance. My first morning in Bahrain the weather was still well-behaved; the sky was a clear blue and the waves dazzled in the sunlight…


I enjoyed a bucket of bacon for breakfast and lounged around the hotel, thoroughly enjoying my little island paradise.



…it wasn’t until later that evening when I ventured out to meet my friends for a tour of the Manama souq that the suffocating cloud of humidity rolled in.




We managed to explore the winding alleyways and the glittering shops for only a few hours before, red-faced and sweat-soaked, we retreated to the oasis of Anand Bhavan for some respite. We ate a feast of channa puri, mangalore masala dosa, veg cutlet, onion pakora, and patata vada (all for under 5bd!) and drank about a gallon each of icy cold water before we could venture back out.


I woke up the next morning (my birthday!) only to find a dismal scene on the horizon. The humidity had been joined by a shamal and the sky was choked with sand and dust.


But that wasn’t going to stop me from meeting a dear friend for a celebratory birthday brunch at the Orangery. It was my first time there and I was delighted by the place. The setting is quaint and lovely and I can’t wait till the weather cools off and we can eat outside. And the menu…let’s just say making a choice was not easy.

I went with a delicious green juice and a cheese and spinach stuffed omelet. I asked for a cheeky drizzle of chimmichurri across the top which took the whole thing to a new level. But still, the star of the show were the potato wedges. Tender and perfectly seasoned, they were amazing.



A wonderful weekend of wanderings and feasting in Bahrain. Even when the weather isn’t at its best, there’s always something to see and places to explore.


  1. Tariq September 2, 2016 / 5:40 am

    Salaam Tasha ,
    Nice blog you have got here, being a Saudi father living in Bahrain for many years with my kids, I have to admit that I have made few discoveries through your lens and text .

    It is always inspiring to see things from a different, out of the box approach.
    I was wondering how your review would be, what your insights would be when visiting the grand mosque of Bahrain (also called AlFateh Mosque) , open daily and welc9ming visitors -except Fridays – from 9am to 4:30 pm

    In fact there will be the bigger event: Eid Open House, (12 and 13th of September 2016) where 100s of expats flock to the mosque for a beautiful human interaction experience.

    I was wondering how the same event would look like from behind your camera lens?
    Keep the good work flowing 🙂

    • tasha September 14, 2016 / 2:11 pm

      That sounds great, Tariq, thank you for the recommendation!

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