Behind the Scenes with Chef Wolfgang Puck


Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity chefs, like Wolfgang Puck, are actually like when they’re hard at work in the kitchen? Have you ever dreamed of asking them all of your perplexing kitchen questions and getting their input on your cooking quandaries? Well, I certainly have!

If you remember, last year I had a foodie dream experience when Chef Wolfgang Puck opened his restaurants at the Bahrain Four Seasons Hotel. I thought nothing could possibly top that…I was wrong! This time, I got to cook side by side with the culinary master himself, getting all of his cooking tips and tricks to pass on to you…

Bahrain’s Four Seasons Hotel invited a small group of Bahrain’s most fervent foodies to attend a cooking class in their stunning re restaurant. Look at those views!



After a few minutes of mingling and mocktails, we were invited into the kitchen where we met the star of the show! He was just as down to earth and friendly as he was last year. He told us some funny stories of when he was starting out in the culinary world and then we got to work on our recipes.


The fabulous kitchen team had already set up our mis en place, so all we had to do was follow the instructions and put together our delicious meal: chinois chicken salad and vegetable spring rolls.

Chef Puck shared some of his kitchen wisdom, the best of which I thought was his advice to always cook what makes you happy. He advised everyone to never feel to rigid when it comes to recipes. He suggested making the dishes in the way that we and our family loved, following our own tastes and instincts. He said he still does this today in his restaurant kitchens, altering the dishes slightly to suit the ingredients available and his whims. This way our dishes will always be fresh and inspired.





The chef stopped by our station and helped us figure out the best way to wrap our spring rolls. Luckily all I had to do was handle the camera, the fancy finger work was left to my partners – they were champs!


Then we put together the fresh and crunchy ingredients for our salad.


Once we had finished the dishes, the actual chefs whisked them away for plating and we filed out into the beautiful dining room of re. A few minutes later, the dishes reemerged looking gorgeous – and tasting unbelievable. Yum!





What a wonderful afternoon! It was thrilling to get to speak to Chef Puck and hear his passion for food and cooking. He was so enthusiastic and encouraging to everyone at the class, it was very inspiring.

And that wasn’t all!

Later that evening, Chef Puck hosted a BBQ on the bay front lawn of the Four Seasons. Just look at the spectacular view!



The main grill was handled by quite an experienced chef…


And oh wow…the food…the food…I probably ate an actual ton of BBQ it was so good! The spicy sausage, Wagyu burgers, Mexican street corn, the ribs and chimmichurri…it was all just ridiculously delicious.


But the highlight of my evening happened at the s’more station. I tried to explain the concept of ‘s’mores’ to my Dutch friend K who had never had one before. The French pastry chef who made all of the ingredients – the chocolate, the graham crackers, and the marshmallows – from scratch, seemed dubious, as well. An American chef joined me in my efforts to explain that s’mores are an integral part of the American kid experience. And, of course, the s’mores turned out to be a big hit!



For a diehard foodie like me, this was an absolutely magical day, from start to finish. Thanks to the talented and dedicated Four Seasons team!




  1. Rodney May 12, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    WOW – heck of an experience!! That food looks fantastic!!

    • tasha May 12, 2016 / 3:36 pm

      Thanks, Tex!

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