Bahrain Beach Retreat


Do you want to know the secret to a perfect weekend getaway in Bahrain? For me, it all comes down to three things:

  1. a gorgeous, glittering beach
  2. a luxuriously comfortable hotel with fantastic staff and delicious food
  3. location, location, location

Want to know a hotel that gets gold stars for all three…?

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Bahrain: Old Bones & New BBQ


This weekend we started bright and early for a jaunt across the causeway to one of my favorite places – The Bahrain National Museum. For such a tiny island, Bahrain has a heck of a lot of history. For 8,000 years the island has been continually inhabited and for millennia it was a major hub in ancient trade routes. Home to the legendary Dilmun civilization and thousands of burial mounds, Bahrain has layers upon layers of rich history. The Bahrain National Museum does an excellent job of presenting this history in a fascinating and thought-provoking way…

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